About Us

The National Center for Peace & Development

The National center for Peace and Development (NCPD) is an established NGO on 2002, by a group of liberal minded persons from the intellectual, business and academic Sudanese community who share the belief that in developing societies, democracy and development should go hand – in hand. The most feasible way to achieve such a goal is by raising the consciousness and educating the public about the true meaning of democratic values and how the profound understanding and respect of those values would help achieving peace and economic development in a country long- torn by civil strife and underdevelopment.

1. Inculcation among the Sudanese public the culture of democracy.

2. Inculcation among the Sudanese public the culture of peace and consolidating the concept of unity within cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.
3. Realization of the democratic values of good-governance, accountability, transparency, and educating the Sudanese citizens on their civil duties and rights while encouraging them to actively participate in civil society organizations.
4. Fighting Corruption by participating in researches studies and building wide coalition to fight corruption.
5. Raising the consciousness and educating the public on the vital role of human development, a prerequisite of sustainable economic, social and cultural development.
6. Paying increasing care and attention to Sudanese art, culture and traditions by participating in their studies and development while taking cognizance and positively interacting with universal human knowledge and experience in order to be able to build a plural, multicultural yet democratic society.
7. Utilizing modern knowledge and the most advanced technological means to help capacity building and training projects in order to create effective, efficient and creative civil cadres who would be able to resolve the outstanding national problems and achieve developmental progress.
8. Strive to achieve women rights, their empowerment and vital role in development.
9. Strive to achieve children and youths rights, care and protection.
10. Disseminate information, educate and draw attention to the vital role played by an effectively and efficiently protected environment in order to achieve sustainable development.

–  Training and educating of Sudanese citizens in all the fields of the center activities.
– Convening of conferences, seminars, workshops, public lectures and study courses intended to achieve the goals and the general purposes of the center.
– To hold symposia and exhibitions.
– Production of documentary, social, cultural and artistic material.
– To endeavor to establish educational, research, and training institutions to achieve the goals and general purposes of the center pursuant to the national laws regulating such matters.
– To cooperate with and participate in the activities of national and foreign organizations involved in similar goals and purposes.
– To mobilize technical support and financial aid on the national, regional, and international levels in order to execute the projects and programs of the center.
– To disseminate information about the center and its activities through the different organs of the mass media.

Sources of Fund:
– Membership fee.

– Contributions.
– Grants.