Training workshop: a five-step methodology for effective strategies

The National Center for Peace and Development held a workshop on the 27th of December 2017. The workshop was a collaboration with the New Tactics Program from the Middle East and North Africa office in Amman – Jordan about Advocacy skills and advocacy strategies. The workshop started at 12 o’clock noon. A total of 22 individuals participated who are young people working in the field of human rights from different Sudanese associations, organizations and universities.

The training in the workshop consisted of 5 sessions, and each session was 50 minutes long. Through these sessions, the participants got acquainted with each other. Afterwards 5 steps were taken starting from defining the problem, building the vision, defining the arena for advocacy, choosing and devising tactics and preparing an action plan. After talking about the strategic path, tactical goals, and reviewing some examples of advocacy campaigns from inside and outside Sudan, the workshop concluded at 5:30 pm.