The National Centre for Peace and Development held a workshop at the centers’ hall on the 7th of October 2020. The workshop was about the sovereign of human rights and international human rights conventions for journalists. The course’s presenter was Dr. Rafat Mirghani El Amin.  A total of  8 journalists from different news publications joined the workshop.  The event was important as the International human rights conventions and the protocols attached to them were re-introduced to the journalists joining the workshop. Important topics about international protocols, agreements and treaties were discussed along with the elimination of all forms of discrimination. From debates about the death penalty to topics regarding concepts of agreements were presented and discussed.

Women Issues and their Development Over Time

The National Center for Peace and Development held a forum on the 10th of October at the centers’ hall, where Professor Ikhlas Nimr talked about women’s problems. Since the launch of the women’s liberation calls at the beginning of the last century, we are witnessing many media outlets targeting women and dealing with their issues. From press publications to television programs to websites on the Internet. From The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to the International Decade for Women, the forum discussed women’s discourse in political discourse, visual media, and style that perpetuate the inferiority of women, and people are busy with the issue of the veil.

Dissolving Student Conflict and Violence

A training workshop was conducted under the title of Peace Clubs Contributing to the Reduction of Conflicts and Violence among Students and Spreading the Culture of Peace in Universities between Youth and Local Communities. It was held in the Ahfad University’s Groom Hall on the 17th and 18th of October 2018.

The project expressed violence in societies that needs serious work to combat by peaceful means. For their capabilities as effective and secure agents to achieve the desired change and to establish a culture of peace and awareness as a value that raises the level of sound effective civic participation among students and youth in general in their universities and their communities.

The project achieved good progress in the universities of Khartoum such as the University of Nyala and the University of El Fasher. Especially as these institutions suffer from violence and recurrent problems. The participating students were selected by calling, taking into account the diversity in the colleges.

Fighting Student Violence and Understanding the Culture of Acceptance of Others

A training workshop was held by the National Council for Peace and Development at Nyala University in the hall of the Training Center from the  8th to the 9th of July 2018. The workshop explained in detail the definition of the project and its goal (combating student violence – spreading the culture of peace and accepting others) and wished that the Peace Club members would play a positive role among their colleagues and be messengers of peace in their university and local communities.

From Dr.Abakar Ali Abdul Majeed, Professor Othman Al-Tayeb Abdullah and Professor Mahmoud Muhammad Abdulaziz presented topics about Human Rights, Student Violence, Communication skills, the role of civil society in peace-making – conflict resolution and facilitating difficult talks.

The workshop was concluded with a speech by the representative of the National Center for Peace and Development, who stressed the need for social cohesion and the activation of the Peace Club at the University and Peace in conclusion.

Training workshop: a five-step methodology for effective strategies

The National Center for Peace and Development held a workshop on the 27th of December 2017. The workshop was a collaboration with the New Tactics Program from the Middle East and North Africa office in Amman – Jordan about Advocacy skills and advocacy strategies. The workshop started at 12 o’clock noon. A total of 22 individuals participated who are young people working in the field of human rights from different Sudanese associations, organizations and universities.

The training in the workshop consisted of 5 sessions, and each session was 50 minutes long. Through these sessions, the participants got acquainted with each other. Afterwards 5 steps were taken starting from defining the problem, building the vision, defining the arena for advocacy, choosing and devising tactics and preparing an action plan. After talking about the strategic path, tactical goals, and reviewing some examples of advocacy campaigns from inside and outside Sudan, the workshop concluded at 5:30 pm.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

The National Center for Peace and Development held training course about cyber security awareness in order to reduce the risks of misuse and to introduce users to the safe use of computers and the Internet. The event took place the center hall on April 26 2015.

This specific course was dedicated to information security. The main topic being about information security which can be divided into: personal security which is the procedure that the employee undertakes to prevent the disclosure of his work secrets from information to unauthorized persons in any form. The other important part of information security is the security of the facility (and the network). It’s the procedures and laws that the establishment takes to prevent the disclosure of its secrets to a party that is not authorized.

Cultural Forum

The National Center for Peace and Development held a cultural forum under the slogan of “Through Art Bring Peace”. The motive behind this cultural forum and many other previous similar forums and workshops is to spread awareness on various political, economic, social and legal issues, and among its objectives is to develop the climate of democracy, peace, national unity, and religious and cultural diversity in Sudanese society.


A total of 50 individuals participated, most of them from civil society organizations, political parties and universities. Activities included the singing of popular songs. In addition, the forum hosted the famous band Samar El-Nile and the artist Mamdouh Deshap.