Dissolving Student Conflict and Violence

A training workshop was conducted under the title of Peace Clubs Contributing to the Reduction of Conflicts and Violence among Students and Spreading the Culture of Peace in Universities between Youth and Local Communities. It was held in the Ahfad University’s Groom Hall on the 17th and 18th of October 2018.

The project expressed violence in societies that needs serious work to combat by peaceful means. For their capabilities as effective and secure agents to achieve the desired change and to establish a culture of peace and awareness as a value that raises the level of sound effective civic participation among students and youth in general in their universities and their communities.

The project achieved good progress in the universities of Khartoum such as the University of Nyala and the University of El Fasher. Especially as these institutions suffer from violence and recurrent problems. The participating students were selected by calling, taking into account the diversity in the colleges.